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2019-07-22 08:26:39

Marilynne Robinson’s debut novel has the same spiritual preoccupations as her Pulitzer Prize-winning Gilead – not to mention sentences that are nearly perfect word for word. Its heroine is narrator Ruth, who, along with her younger sister Lucille, finds herself in the care of her wayward maiden aunt Sylvie in the wake of her mother’s death. As all sense of normal domestic life gives way to chaos in their home, Lucille is drawn more and more to the normalcy of the other residents of the fictional Fingerbone, Idaho, while Ruth is pulled into Sylvie’s transient, irreverent world. Touching on the meaning of loss, family, and identity in between meditations on the stark Western landscape, it’s a feminist update on the great American novel.

vogue.co.uk Hayley Maitland
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